Sam White of Promethean Power Featured on Cooling Off-The-Grid Webinar

Published: Jun. 30, 2016

In 2013,
Promethean Power Systems
(United States) received a Powering Agriculture award for the
Market Growth (Stage 5) of
Energy Efficiency
Solar Photovoltaic
solutions for
Cold Storage
in the production of

Sam White, Director of Promethean Power Systems, a 2013 Powering Agriculture Innovator, was a featured speaker at “The Big Chill: Off-grid Cooling for Water, Refrigeration, Spaces, and More ...”, a webinar hosted by Smart Villages, The Low Carbon Energy for Development Network, and USES Network. He was joined by a panel of other experts, and discussed the challenges and opportunities for cooling in off-grid villages, with an eye on environmental, health and development issues.

Promethean’s work focuses on India’s rural dairy industry, where their products have enabled the reliable preservation and storage of perishable food items in off-grid and partially electrified areas, without the need for diesel generators.

The webinar was held on Thursday, June 30. If you’re working on solutions for off-grid cooling, this is a discussion you'll want to review! You can watch the entire video and review the presentation materials at, or watch Sam's segment below.

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