Powering Agriculture July 2015 Newsletter

Published: Jul. 22, 2015

About Powering Agriculture

Powering Agriculture: An Energy Grand Challenge for Development supports the development and deployment of clean energy innovations that increase agriculture productivity and stimulate low carbon economic growth in the agriculture sector of developing countries to help end extreme poverty and extreme hunger.

Feature Story: Finalists Announced for Second Global Innovation Call

Stories from the Field: 2013 Winners in Action

Global News at the Nexus of Energy and Agriculture

SunAsia Builds 55-MW Solar Farm on Pastureland

A new project integrates agribusiness and solar energy by installing a solar farm on pastureland in Philippines.

Solar Irrigation Shows Promise in West Africa

Villagers in Benin tap deep wells using solar-powered pumps, allowing women to focus on farming instead of hauling water.

Bioenergy and Food Production on Desert Land Irrigated by Seawater

An innovative agriculture and energy pilot project in Abu Dhabi produces food, biofuels and a carbon dioxide sink without using freshwater.

Rolling the Dice on Renewable Energy in India

Is pay-per-use shared usage model the solution to limited penetration of solar irrigation pumps in India?

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Apr. 18, 2016

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