The Powering Agriculture Solution

The Challenge

Energy is critical to almost every aspect of the agricultural value chain. Globally, the food sector consumes 30 percent of total energy supply and generates 20 percent of global emissions.

To address this, Powering Agriculture utilizes a cross sectoral nexus approach to concurrently focus on the energy and agricultural sectors while providing technical, business acceleration, financing and policy support to its innovators and other stakeholders.

Energy in the Agricultural Value Chain

  1. Powering Agriculture

    1. Inputs
      • Seed
      • Irrigation / pumping
      • Livestock feed
      • Fertilizer
    2. Production
      • On-farm mechanization
      • Reduction in human labor requirements
      • Increased operational efficiencies
    3. Local Transport / Collection
      • Farm to collection center
      • Collection center to processing facility / market
    4. Storage & Handling
      • Cold storage
      • Moisture control
      • Mechanized sorting / packaging
    5. Value-Added Processing
      • Drying
      • Grinding
      • Milling
      • etc.
  2. Beyond Powering Agriculture

    1. Transport & Logistics
      • Warehouse
      • Road, rail and maritime transport
    2. Marketing & Distribution
      • Packaging
      • Retail (supermarkets)
      • Refrigeration
    3. End-User
      • Cooking
      • Transport
      • Household appliances

Technology & Business Model Innovation

Powering Agriculture provides innovation grants ($500,000–$2,000,000) to design, pilot and deploy clean energy solutions to different points along the agricultural production cycle.

Powering Agriculture provides on demand, tailored technical assistance using the Powering Agriculture Support Task Order (PASTO) implemented by Tetra Tech.

Financing Facility

Powering Agriculture leverages funds for a global financing facility to mobilize private sector equity and debt investments within the clean energy/agriculture space.

Powering Agriculture has partnered with AlphaMundi and Factor[e] to form the Powering Agriculture Investment Alliance.

Knowledge Management

Powering Agriculture serves as a clean energy and agricultural information resource hub for people around the world by providing knowledge products that contain detailed data on the policy, economic, gender and energy requirements to end extreme poverty and extreme hunger in developing countries.


Powering Agriculture utilizes the regional Powering Agriculture Hub in East Africa and collaborates with U.S. presidential initiatives such as Power Africa and Feed the Future to integrate clean energy solutions within regional/national agriculture production and food security programs.