The Challenge

Powering Agriculture: An Energy Grand Challenge for Development (PAEGC) seeks to identify and support new and sustainable approaches to accelerate the development and deployment of clean energy solutions for increasing agriculture productivity and/or value in developing countries.

In support of this tenant, PAEGC seeks to fund solutions within the clean energy-agriculture nexus that: (i) Can achieve scale; (ii) Are adoptable within the context of emerging markets; (iii) Are sustainable, and can ultimately progress without outside assistance; and (iv) Utilize modern, evidence-based science and technology approaches [1].

PAEGC has four key program components:

  1. Supporting clean energy technology and businesses model innovations for agriculture

  2. Ensuring that financial intermediaries have the capital they need to help organizations scale their innovations and reach the farmers and farm-related businesses that need these technologies

  3. Developing partnerships with public and private sector organizations that want to support the goals of the Powering Agriculture program

  4. Serve as a clean energy and agricultural information resource for people around the world

[1] USAID’s Grand Challenge Development model is described at: