Biomass and Solar PV Hybrid Minigrids for Off-Grid Farming Communities

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Husk Power Systems (HPS) designs, installs, and operates biomass and solar photovoltaic (PV)-based power plants. HPS has partnered with Diamond Development Initiatives (DDI) in Nigeria, and Technology Management Group (TMG) in Ghana. DDI is a not-for-profit development service provider. TMG is an electrical contracting company that provides solutions for rural and urban electrification challenges.


Rural, off-grid communities in Ghana and Nigeria that rely on solar PV systems are limited in their hours of agricultural operations and access to electricity. Diesel generators and battery back-ups are expensive to operate, so operations are limited to a single shift.

Clean Energy Solution: 

Husk Power will install a hybrid solution that combines a biomass gasification system with a solar PV system. The biomass plant uses a proprietary downdraft gasification technology that converts abundant agricultural residue into electricity. The system will power a mini-grid that produces electricity for residential, as well as agricultural, needs. The electricity is distributed to rural households and micro-enterprises through a mini-grid system—providing a better quality, cheaper way to meet their need for energy. Agricultural uses that will be powered include irrigation pumps, agro-processing mills, and drying and heating processes. The biomass plant converts abundant agricultural residue, such as maize cobs, rice husks, coffee husks, and cotton stalks, into electricity.


The hybrid plant uses a combination of solar and biomass—both abundant resources in the communities selected for installation. Agricultural operations will be able to continue processing during nighttime hours, as the biomass plant will provide power when the solar PV system is not operating. Husk Power is serving approximately 100 households and small businesses with their biomass gasification system. Customers have switched from kerosene- and diesel-powered systems to the Husk mini-grid. However, these customers demand access to reliable and 24/7 power, which is driving the efforts to convert these two sites to the hybrid mini-grid to meet customers’ aspirations. These hybrid sites will enable Husk Power Systems to provide cost effective power to customers during daytime with solar PV and night time with Biomass gasification system.

Progress Update: 

Husk Power has installed a new biomass gasification system in the Bagamoyo area of Tanzania, with a target customer base of 200 households, small businesses, and a couple of agro processing units. An order has been placed for 170kW of Solar Panels sufficient for 5 sites installation and grid tied inverters and physical structure for two sites. Husk Power’s goal is to convert this new biomass gasification site and another site at Kongwa, Tanzania, to a Hybrid mini-grid site (Solar PV + Biomass).

Project News: 
Dec. 5, 2017

Husk Power Systems uses the "power of small" to get power to off-grid areas of India. “Decentralised power generation and distribution has all the benefits compared to national or large grids, which need huge capital investment and also lead to huge transmission losses." says founder Ratnesh Yadav.

May. 26, 2017

The Transform India Conclave and Awards has recognized Husk Power Systems as a game-changer in India, noting that they've brought about positive impact through their innovative service and sustainable power solution.