Hybrid Vehicles with Exportable Power for Community-Based Agriculture Mechanization

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United States
The KVK Foundation (India)
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Motivo Engineering specializes in connected electro-mechanical systems to solve complex challenges across diverse market segments. Motivo’s partner, the KVK Foundation, will draw on their extensive rural development experience in India to introduce new technologies to rural villages.


Today, 2.6 billion people earn their livelihood from agriculture and there are 1.2 billion people who lack access to electricity. As our population expands, farms and agribusinesses need to produce, process and cold transport an increasing amount of food. The agricultural sector needs an easy way to access and use energy in order to increase farm productivity. Farmers across the world need low cost, infrastructure-less electrification and mechanization.

Clean Energy Solution: 

Motivo is developing a “Swiss-Army Knife” system—the Hybrid Agriculture/Road Vehicles with Electricity Storage and Transformation (HARVEST)—that solves a wide range of agricultural mechanization and power-related problems. HARVEST is a multi-purpose platform that provides power for plowing, well-drilling, cold storage, and transporting crops to market. The system utilizes power from varied energy sources such as solar panels, wind turbines, micro-hydro turbines, or the grid to enable increased productivity all along the agriculture value chain. The entire system is operated at the community level, and facilitated by mobile communication technology for scheduling, billing, and payments.


HARVEST democratizes opportunity in agriculture by making available to entire communities huge gains in productivity that are enabled through mechanization and reliable power. Varied energy sources will reduce reliance on increasingly expensive imported diesel, and the system itself will create new skilled jobs for men and women in rural areas in deploying, managing, and maintaining the HARVEST equipment.

Progress Update: 

By the end of the Powering Agriculture award in May 2017, Motivo Engineering had shipped, assembled, and field tested two HARVEST prototypes in India. The primary use of the HARVEST during field testing was for field leveling, with the systems also being used for hauling and to power lighting for village gatherings. During the initial testing, Motivo learned that HARVEST can accept solar power, but the solar array originally installed was not large enough to effectively recharge the tractor. Based on this information, they tripled the solar array to decrease charging time and re-assess the feasibility of solar charging of HARVEST.

Motivo’s beneficiaries primarily see the HARVEST as a mechanism to reduce expenses on light duty field preparation. Beneficiaries reported that they experience a reduction in crop production expenses resulting in savings that are either used for additional crop production or paying for general household expenses including food and child education. Future plans may include a larger-scale pilot test using up to 50 units. One of the lessons learned was that the expectation of HARVEST to fully replace diesel tractors had not considered all the nuances of specific agricultural tasks. Motivo found that the HARVEST was more appropriate for lighter-duty tasks.

Project News: 
Jan. 31, 2019

Motivo's Harvest tractor is a big battery on wheels. It can be charged using a variety of energy sources, and then stores power on-board and delivers it when and where required, whether to work the fields, pump water, power refrigeration, transport products or people, or even to charge a phone.

Apr. 10, 2018

Motivo CEO Praveen Penmetsa sat down with Automotive Engineering to discuss how his company embraces challenging projects and big, new ideas. He's especially proud of Motivo's HARVEST tractor, the "Swiss Army knife" platform for a range of challenges facing smallholder farmers in Asia and Africa.