Solar Agro-Processing Power Stations

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United Kingdom
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Village Infrastructure Angels (VIA) was incorporated in 2012 with the mission to make poverty-alleviating infrastructure affordable to everyone through long-term loans.


Many small, rural villages and towns are off grid, with limited or no access to reliable sources of electricity. Agro-processing is a productive end use of electricity for which a large gap currently exists. These small villages typically do not have access to a diesel mill for crop processing, and must rely on manual processing, or travel long distances to use a mill.

Clean Energy Solution: 

VIA plans to install solar mills in villages in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, and Vanuatu. These mills will deliver services to up to 10,000 households. Small mills will be installed, with an appropriate capacity for the village, through a microfinancing program. The mills will be used to process staple crops, such as rice, corn, and cassava, that require processing before eating, and make up the majority of the diet of rural villagers.


Use of solar mills will decrease the amount of manual processing required and may also reduce reliance on diesel-fueled mills. The time saved in manual labor can be redirected to other efforts that will increase income, particularly for women who are the primary source of labor for agro-processing. Cost savings will be realized in the reduced consumption of diesel fuel, and reduced time spent traveling to mills in remote villages.

Progress Update: 

From a target of 200-500 solar mills, VIA and its main partner, Project Support Services, have delivered over 100 solar mills to market to date, and have more shipping to various countries. From a target of $3 million of investment to be mobilized over the award period, VIA has secured over $500,000 and has over $1 million more in the final stages of negotiation, which will enable fast progress in 2017. The solar mills were launched at Intersolar in Munich in June, which has raised interest from more potential partners beyond the original Asia-Pacific focus geography, and the first solar mills have now reached Africa.

Project News: 
Nov. 21, 2017

Village Infrastructure Angels and Eseye are partnering to provide rural villages in developing countries access to solar power to run agro-mills. This project has the potential to save 300 million women worldwide an hour of daily labour, resulting in significant social, economic and health benefits.

Dec. 6, 2016

Village Infrastructure Angels has been chosen as a finalist in the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance's Fire Awards. Winners will receive support from a working group of experts to achieve the next steps in expanding their model and impact. Best of luck to everyone at VIA! 

Solar Powered Agro-Processing Machines
Jun. 4, 2016

VIA and their partner, Project Support Services, demonstrate some of the solar powered agricultural machines that they have developed. All the machines are plug-and-play, powered by 24V DC motors. Future efforts will include water pumps and power distribution kits for village-scale nano-grids.