Powering Agriculture Investment Alliance

Powering Agriculture: An Energy Grand Challenge for Development (PAEGC) is partnering with AlphaMundi and Factor[e] to form the Powering Agriculture Investment Alliance (Investment Alliance).

The Investment Alliance will catalyze a minimum of $25 million in private sector finance for ventures with the potential to achieve transformational development impact in the clean energy/agriculture nexus. AlphaMundi and Factor[e] have a track record of making profitable investments in socially and environmentally sustainable enterprises that generate substantial net benefits to society. Both organizations embrace Powering Agriculture’s goal of improving lives in the developing world by helping to scale clean energy solutions that increase agriculture productivity and/or value. Powering Agriculture funds are helping to subsidize on-the-ground activities that will enable Factor[e] and AlphaMundi to discover, vet and engage with earlier-stage ventures – helping build capacity to absorb more private sector capital.

The Powering Agriculture Investment Alliance Partners

AlphaMundiAlphaMundi Foundation

AlphaMundi works through its investment group AlphaMundi Group LTD (AMG) and its sister organization, the AlphaMundi Foundation to catalyze and scale investment in social enterprises that improve the lives of the poor.

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Factor[e] is a venture development firm with a mission to improve lives in the developing world by increasing access to sustainable energy and related services. It does this by finding, validating, funding, de-risking, and growing a rich pipeline of social ventures that aim to solve profound global problems.

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