Powering Agriculture Investment Alliance: Factor[e]


Factor[e] is a venture development firm with a mission to improve lives in the developing world by increasing access to sustainable energy and related services. It does this by finding, validating, funding, de-risking, and growing a rich pipeline of social ventures that aim to solve profound global problems.

Factor[e] can provide equity seed investments in combination with individualized, one-on-one company engagement and support to select energy/ag businesses world-wide.

Investment and Engagement Support

Farmers in the field

Photo: Factor[e]

The successful portfolio companies are generally very early stage, but will occasionally be slightly more mature companies seeking to pivot from developed markets into developing ones.

Factor[e] in particular seeks technology-based companies that align with their thesis around loss reduction and waste minimization as well as sustainable intensification.

Loss Reduction and Waste Minimization

  • Physical plants that serve as integrated platforms that link farmers to high-value markets
  • Efficient, traceable logistics for ag value chains, formalizing and squeezing waste out of informal markets
  • Hyper low-cost farmgate food loss reduction technologies
  • Financial innovation to extend access to cold storage financing, especially refrigeration-as-a-service

Sustainable Intensification

  • Modes of input finance and delivery at dramatically lower transaction costs, built for scale
  • Optimized input design for lower cost, higher returns, and reduced environmental impact
  • Agricultural mechanization within reach—financially and physically—through mechanization-as-a-service
  • Efficient production of nutrient-rich organic fertilizers


Factor[e] is a low-volume, high-touch investor that supports a small number of early-stage energy-related companies that have both the potential to positively affect millions of people and a path to financial sustainability. In addition to making equity investments, Factor[e] provides a wide range of technical and business resources (e.g. engineering design, financial planning, business model development and validation) and works with ventures to close multiple rounds of funding.

The Factor[e] team has deep experience in both technology and venture creation, and proactively seeks out companies offering solutions applicable to developing economies around the world, especially Sub-Saharan Africa, India, South East Asia and Latin America.

Details and Inquiry Information

Inquiries regarding funding opportunities should be sent to ideas@factore.com and include a company pitch deck.

Please note that due to the high volume of inquiries, only those that best align with investment criteria and capacities of Factor[e] will receive a personal response.