Powering Agriculture Innovator Showcase 2018

Powering Agriculture and their Partners and Innovators met in Kasarani, Kenya on January 18, 2018 to share information about the energy/agriculture nexus and present the clean energy technologies that Powering Agriculture Innovators are deploying around the world. 

Sep. 15 - 16, 2017

The Naivasha Horticultural Fair is Africa's biggest Horticultural fair. This event is in its 15th year and attracts an audience from across the continent and Europe. The event showcases products and services from stake-holders in the horticultural industry—primarily flower industry but also car manufacturers, accessories and financial institutions.

May 22-23, 2017

Claro Energy's Kartik Wahi offered an electricity access expert’s perspective, and provided lessons from the ground in India by speaking on a panel titled "Project Implementation: What is the reality on the ground? Gap between assumptions and reality" at the LVDC Conference in Nairobi, Kenya.

4th Microgrid Global Innovation Forum

Andrew Varrow of Development Ventures—a University of Georgia Research Foundation project partner—discussed how microgrids can help eliminate energy poverty in the developing world, and outlined strategies for encouraging private-sector investment in community-level microgrids. 

Mar. 25-26, 2017

Sam White of Promethean Power spoke on a panel—Business Models for Sustainability—at Harvard University's Social Enterprise Conference. Students, academics, and professionals gathered to address social enterprise's big questions and central tensions with a theme of “What’s the Bottom Line?” 

Mar. 24, 2017

Powering Agriculture’s Dr. Augusta Abrahamse ran a panel at the VentureWell Open called “Lessons Learned by Early-stage Clean Tech Innovators in Developing Countries". The conference was held Mar. 23–25, 2017, in Washington, D.C.

February 21-22, 2017

This informative workshop highlighted the latest innovations in renewable, on- and off-grid cold chain storage solutions. Topics included innovations in point of production cold chain technology and strategies for dissemination and financing of solar cold chain solutions for East Africa.