Mar. 25-26, 2017

Sam White of Promethean Power spoke on a panel—Business Models for Sustainability—at Harvard University's Social Enterprise Conference. Students, academics, and professionals gathered to address social enterprise's big questions and central tensions with a theme of “What’s the Bottom Line?” 

Mar. 24, 2017

Powering Agriculture’s Dr. Augusta Abrahamse ran a panel at the VentureWell Open called “Lessons Learned by Early-stage Clean Tech Innovators in Developing Countries". The conference was held Mar. 23–25, 2017, in Washington, D.C.

February 21-22, 2017

This informative workshop highlighted the latest innovations in renewable, on- and off-grid cold chain storage solutions. Topics included innovations in point of production cold chain technology and strategies for dissemination and financing of solar cold chain solutions for East Africa.

Sida–USAID Gender Workshop
Oct. 28, 2016

Sida hosted a closed bilateral partner meeting in Stockholm, Sweden to discuss efforts, successes and lessons learned in expanding gender integration support to Powering Agriculture and Securing Water for Food grand challenge innovators.

Workshop on Increasing Efficiency in Industries in the Agricultural Value Chain
Oct. 26, 2016

The German Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya hosted a workshop about energy efficiency’s role in food value chains and reducing post-harvest losses. The German Delegation of Industry & Commerce led the event, with help from GIZ & Powering Agriculture.

ICU Roadshow in Jordan & Lebanon
Oct. 9 & 11, 2016

The Institute for University Cooperation (ICU) hosted two road shows highlighting their PV-Integrated Irrigation Systems in Jordan & Lebanon. The first was in Shobak – Al Ash’ari Municipality; the second was in Mafra - Center for Agricultural Research and Extension.

Sep. 28–29, 2016

“From Innovation to Imitation” was the topic at the annual SEED Africa Symposium in Nairobi, Kenya. Participants explored ways to replicate environmentally sustainable business models and stimulate the growth of eco-entrepreneurship.