CII Confers Honor on Promethean Power Systems

Published Sep. 28, 2017

At Sakal Times

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Promethean Power Systems, one of India's leading cold chain companies, was honored by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) for Significant Achievement in Innovation recently. 

The company has manufacturing and testing facilities in Pune with a technology and research center in Boston, USA. 

The award recognizes Promethean's accomplishments in developing cold chain solutions for India's leading food processors, that are cost-effective and eco-friendly, based on its patented thermal energy storage technology for milk chilling and cold-storage applications. 

The prestigious 7th National Cold Chain Summit and Awards were held by CII on September 25th in New Delhi and showcased emerging technologies and advancements for the cold chain in India. One of the most notable awards granted for the 'Significant Achievement in Innovation' was presented to Promethean for its years of persistent hard work, dedication, and belief that technology could create a win-win situation for food and dairy processors, smallholder farmers and consumers. 

CII Award Presentation

GREAT HONOR: Vice President, Promethean Power Systems, Jofi Joseph accepted the award given to the company by the Confederation of Indian Industry for Significant Achievement in Innovation at the 7th National Cold Chain Summit Awards in New Delhi.

According to officials, Promethean's products enable its customers to reliably chill and preserve perishable food, by eliminating the need for diesel generator backup. "The company's Rapid Milk Chillers, Bulk Milk Coolers and Cold Storage Solutions are creating cost-effective solutions for cold chain food distribution in emerging markets, along with delivering social and environmental benefits. Promethean has now installed over 600 milk chillers and cold storage solutions across India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka," they stated. 

"We are honored to be selected by CII for this prestigious award, as it further validates the impact of our technology on food quality in India's agricultural sector." - Jiten Ghelani, CEO, Promethean Power Systems

Jofi Joseph, Vice President, Promethean Power Systems, accepted the award and added, "We strive to be the first choice for clients requiring cold chain solutions, by adapting our technology to solve significant challenges in the agricultural supply chain for our customers."

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