Claro Energy Wins First Prize at the 2017 Asian Entrepreneurship Awards

Published Oct. 27, 2017

At Asian Entrepreneurship Awards

About Powering Agriculture

Powering Agriculture: An Energy Grand Challenge for Development supports the development and deployment of clean energy innovations that increase agriculture productivity and stimulate low carbon economic growth in the agriculture sector of developing countries to help end extreme poverty and extreme hunger.

Update: Claro Energy has won First Prize, and one million yen, at the 2017 Asian Entrepreneurship Awards! Congratulations to everyone at Claro Energy. 

From the Claro Energy website

We are pleased to announce that Claro Energy has been nominated for the Asian Entrepreneurship Award 2017. The award function will be held in Tokyo from 25th October to 27th October. This is yet another step for our fight in tackling critical challenges to enable successful agriculture through sustainable solutions.

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About the Asian Entrepreneurship Award

AEA works to attract young entrepreneurs who use ingenuity and technology to take on challenges from the high-growth Asia region. From large private companies to business incubators, AEA aims to form an ecosystem that brings industry, government and academia together as one to generate innovation in Asia. It also  aims to bring Asian innovation to the world.

Among the co-hosts for 2017 AEA are MITSUI FUDOSON, The University of Tokyo, TEP, JASVE.

AEA is a great platform for young entrepreneurs, getting together with peers from around the world to learn from and inspire one another.

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Why are we nominated?

Claro Energy has been nominated for its innovative steps, commercial viability and the social impact that it has been bringing in the lives of people. We have been trying to disrupt and improve rural agriculture with renewable energy, and we have the potential to expand and bring about changes in the economy and society.

Visit the Asian Entrepreneurship Awards website for more information about the program, and to learn more about the other nominees. 

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Claro Energy's solar water pumps are a great solution in remote, off-grid regions. Plus, farmers can earn extra income by selling surplus energy. Another Claro innovation: e-rickshaws that bring pay-per-use solar panels to farmers, who can then irrigate using RFID cards, cash or micro-finance.