Aug. 23, 2016

Sorin Grama's invention, built from old car parts, can heat water without electricity. It won second place in MIT's annual 100K Entrepreneurship Competition. So what happened when he took his invention to India? Rural Indians told him they didn't need to get water hot, they needed to get milk cold.

Aug. 18, 2016

EarthSpark International has built a 93 kW, solar-powered microgrid in the small town of Les Anglais, Haiti, which supplies clean, reliable power to approximately 2,000 people. They plan to build 80 more microgrids in the next five years, bringing affordable, clean power to over 200,000 people.

Aug. 5, 2016

USAID’s first Global Water Coordinator recently visited several USAID-supported project sites in the Middle East. His trip included a stop at one of ECO Consult’s hydroponic greenhouses. This water-saving technology reduces water usage by up to 40% and significantly increases crop yields.

Jul. 26, 2016

SunCulture, a Powering Agriculture Innovator, was featured in the Financial Times recently! The story highlights Alice Migwi, a farmer who's seen her revenues grow 10% in the three years she's used SunCulture's solar irrigation system. This has enabled her to expand and diversify her business.

Jul. 17, 2016

Praveen Penmetsa, CEO of Motivo Engineering, explains the transformational potential of Motivo's innovative solar-powered Harvest tractor in a recent Forbes interview. Farmers in remote areas will use this machine not only to work the fields, but to store and use power anywhere.

Jul. 13, 2016

SimGas has introduced a prototype of its biogas milk chiller! This chiller enables farmers to increase their income by eliminating milk spoilage, and by saving time and money on milk transport. For dairy processors and co-operatives this product leads to more, better-quality milk.

Jun. 21, 2016

Since EarthSpark connected Haiti's first solar-powered microgrid, several women have started their own businesses, including an ice cream business that sells 100 ice creams a day to school kids! This was accomplished through feminist electrification, which considers gender concerns at every step. 

Jun. 8, 2016

Investors fund all types of social enterprises through a variety of mechanisms, each of which has its own targets, objectives and risk profiles. But some key takeaways offered by a group of impact investors sheds light on the criteria and metrics that shape the funder’s perspective.

Jun. 7, 2016

The Sustainable Engineering Lab at Columbia University started with a question: Could a single system provide electricity or water to multiple farmers? To find out, they set up a system comprised of three solar photovoltaic arrays to power irrigation pumps in Gabar, Senegal.