Jun. 6, 2016

At USAID’s Ag Innovation Investment Summit, innovators share strategies for addressing food security, water access and energy needs in developing countries. The goal: to turn local and regional projects into sustainable business ideas with a broad and long-lasting reach around the world.

Jun. 6, 2016

Hydroponic agriculture—growing crops without soil—can be traced back to ancient times. In the Middle East, local agriculture cannot provide enough food due to shortages of water and arable land. Jordan sees potential in hydroponics, using up to 90 percent less water than conventional agriculture.

Jun. 5, 2016

Carol is a Mechatronics Engineer with Ariya Capital Group’s collaborator, African Solar Designs. In this blog and audio interview, Carol is featured as one of the women making a difference in Nairobi, Kenya.

Jun. 3, 2016

Mandera is one of the poorest parts of Kenya where 88% of the population live below the poverty line. By cooperating to spread one innovation together, the two innovators SunCulture and Islamic Relief Kenya have been able to reach many of the poorest farmers in Mandera.

May. 27, 2016

USAID and its partners will host their first Agriculture Innovation Investment Summit from June 1–2 in Washington, D.C. The Summit will connect investors with innovators to accelerate game-changing technologies that can help smallholder farmers improve their productivity and competitiveness.

May. 12, 2016

With dung from three dairy cows, and a biogas-powered chiller from SimGas, a farmer can now extend shelf-life of their milk for more than 10 hours, extending time that milk will remain fresh while awaiting marketing.

May. 10, 2016

A new report from FSG investigates the obstacles specific to technology-based innovators, calling for greater levels of catalytic, early-stage donor funding. Promethean Power, which received its first funding from VentureWell, is featured in Part 1 of the report.

Apr. 23, 2016

Harnessing the sun’s power is once again at the forefront of energy technology as an increasingly affordable method of generating electricity. In developing regions of the world, solar is not only a clean energy solution but sometimes the sole source of power for smallholders.

Apr. 8, 2016

India wastes about 40 per cent of its fruit and vegetable produce, valued at $8 billion annually. A handful of start-ups want to plug this loss with innovative cold-storage solutions.