May. 9, 2015

U.S. Ambassador to Jordan Alice Wells showcased locally-grown hydroponic and organic vegetables during a May 9 reception with Jordanian producers and government officials in honor of the visit to Jordan by U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Thomas Vilsack.

Jan. 20, 2015

In rural areas of Senegal, getting water for irrigating crops often comes with a hefty price tag, not only in terms of the cost to buy the fuel and the time necessary to procure it from the nearest gas station, but also in regards to the polluting emissions of the pumps themselves.

Sep. 16, 2014

Colorado-based Rebound Technologies was accepted into the Energy Excelerator, supporting startups with funding and connections to strategic partners, to help advance commercialization of IcePoint™, a refrigeration cycle using energy storage to help supermarkets save 60% on their cooling costs.

Jul. 9, 2014

Millions of gallons of milk gathered by rural Indian farmers spoil on the way to market. The co-founder of a U.S. startup company trying to solve that supply chain problem was named one of seven “invention ambassadors” in a new program highlighting technology-driven solutions to global problems.

Jun. 3, 2014

For farmers in Mozambique, every harvest is bittersweet. That’s because up to 40 percent of their crops can spoil, as there’s no way to keep them cool. It’s a common and costly problem in countries that lack reliable power grids—or have no access to electricity at all—and that can ill afford to throw away food.