KickStart International: Sustainable, Permanent Solution to Poverty

Published Dec. 17, 2018

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About Powering Agriculture

Powering Agriculture: An Energy Grand Challenge for Development supports the development and deployment of clean energy innovations that increase agriculture productivity and stimulate low carbon economic growth in the agriculture sector of developing countries to help end extreme poverty and extreme hunger.

KickStart International helps small farmers grow beyond barely feeding themselves to growing and selling surplus crops.

The Problem: Subsistence farmers struggle to survive

Worldwide, 70% of the poor are rural farmers relying on rain to grow subsistence crops on small plots of land.

The Solution: More water, more money

Simple, affordable manual irrigation pumps help farmers grow better crops year-round, transforming family farms into profitable small businesses.

Kickstart International's Super Moneymaker pump

Photo: KickStart

The role of design

KickStart constantly develops, analyzes, and tests multiple designs for its MoneyMaker irrigation pumps to ensure that each model improves on the one before.

A farmer and many happy children in an irrigated field

Photo: KickStart


KickStarter's MoneyMaker pumps are making it rain—lifting a million people out of poverty by creating more than 200,000 successful farming businesses that double the average user's household income.

Two farmers pumping water and irrigating corn and cabbage

Photo: KickStart

Learn More about KickStart

KickStart plans to establish an innovation hub in Kenya to develop new irrigation solutions so it can expand into 16 countries across Africa by 2021. Learn more at Kickstart International's Innovator page, or by visiting their website.

Squash blossoms

Photo: KickStart

Irrigation empowers farmers to end their dependence on unreliable rainfall, grow more crops, start highly profitable businesses, secure their food needs and livelihoods, and take a major step out of poverty.

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Dec. 17, 2018

KickStart's MoneyMaker pumps help farmers who are often barely feeding themselves to grow more crops and sell their surplus. What's next? They're planning to open an innovation hub in Kenya to develop new irrigation solutions so it can expand into 16 countries across Africa by 2021.