More Farms Use Solar Energy to Pump Water

Published Sep. 21, 2017

At The Jordan Times

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Four new units have been inaugurated this week in Azraq in Zarqa Governorate, where solar energy is utilised to operate water pumps for farms.

The project is supported by the Institute for University Cooperation (ICU), an international NGO implementing development co-operation projects in developing countries.

The ICU provides half the cost of the project and the other half is undertaken by the farmers themselves, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported. Other partners are the Jordan-based Nur Solar Systems and the Agriculture Extension Unit at the Directorate of Agriculture in Zarqa, according to the agency.

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Sep. 21, 2017

A project supported by the Institute for University Cooperation has just installed four new solar photovoltaic units in Azraq, Jordan where they will provide clean power to run water pumps for farms.

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Oct. 9 & 11, 2016

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