Updates from Powering Agriculture | October 2019

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Powering Agriculture: An Energy Grand Challenge for Development supports the development and deployment of clean energy innovations that increase agriculture productivity and stimulate low carbon economic growth in the agriculture sector of developing countries to help end extreme poverty and extreme hunger.

Updates from Powering Agriculture | October 2019

Powering Agriculture Policy Round Table

Updates from Powering Agriculture | October 2019Powering Agriculture Policy Round TableOn September 19th, 2019 PoweringAgriculture, in partnership with GOGLA, convened the Powering Agriculture PolicyRound Table in Nairobi, Kenya.The one-day event convened companies, policymakers, donors, and other stakeholders working in the clean energy-agriculture nexus to engage in an action-oriented discussion on policy and regulation challenges and solutions related to scaling the deployment of solar water pumping, cold storage, and agricultural processing technologies in East Africa.The learnings from this round table event, and over 30 interviews conducted in preparation of this event, will culminate in a guide that will articulate key challenges and proposed solutions for companies to engage with government representatives to remove barriers to scaling up delivery of products and services to end users.Stay tuned for the guide's release in December 2019! In parallel, Powering Agriculture will present preliminary results of the activity during an upcoming “Community ofChampions” webinar hosted by GOGLA in November 2019.

Bulk Procurement Incentives

Powering Agriculture is sponsoring this year’s Global LEAP result-based financing(Global LEAP-RBF) program designed to catalyze the uptake of high quality, efficient energy appliances through the bulk procurement of best-in-class solar water pumps!Global LEAP-RBF reduces risk across the off-grid appliance supply chain by 1) lowering the cost of best-in-class off-grid appliances for early mover off-grid solar companies, and2) generating increased demand for appliance manufacturers that have invested in the production of high-quality off-grid appliances. The cost savings available for procuring these best-in-class products is significant: Global LEAP-RBF will make over $340,000 in incentive funds available to support procurement of best-in-class solar water pumps identified as Winners and Finalists of the 2019 Global LEAP Awards. A preliminary list of all eligible products can be found here: Global LEAP-RBF Preliminary List of EligibleProductsOff-grid solar water pump distributors in Bangladesh, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda,Uganda, Zambia and Senegal are encouraged to learn more and complete anExpression of Interest (EOI) on the Global LEAP-RBF website. For questions related to the program, please contact ESI.Pasto@tetratech.com.



Stories from the Field: Innovators in Action

The Powering Agriculture team recently conducted visits to three innovator project sites to review progress on project implementation and gather information from beneficiaries,  local staff, and others about the benefits of their clean energy solutions.

Ariya Finergy

As part of its site visit to Ariya Finergy, thePowering Agriculture team visited six flower farms inCentral and South Kenya. In an exciting update, theteam learned that Ariya Finergy is taking steps to become a holistic service provider and has expanded its energy offering beyond financing to include services such as voltage stabilization and power system control.


The Powering Agriculture team traveled to East,Central, and West Kenya to interview 35 of Futurepump’s SF2 pump users and three of its major distributors to understand the best way to offer solar pump financing to smallholder farmers.The team saw firsthand the amount of work Futurepump invests in their distributor collaborations. Each distributor caters to a different market segment requiring Futurepump to tailor its sales and after sales support to each distributor.


The team interviewed over 50 customers of PoweringAgriculture grantee SunCulture, the Kenya-based innovator that manufactures the RainMaker2submersible solar water pump, in Kenya, Uganda, IvoryCoast, and Senegal.The team saw a variety of use cases – ranging from small holder farms where pumps were used for crops and livestock to schools and hotels where pumps met drinking and washing needs. Benefits observed include time and energy unlocked for other productive activities and greater crop sale revenue due to higher yields.Farmers also use the ports in the pump battery for lighting and phone charging

Powering Argriculture at the 2019 Social Marketing Conference


Powering Agriculture is attending the 2019 Social Capital Markets Conference (SOCAP)!Seven years of the Grand Challenge will culminate in a week full of the exciting activities and events, including the Powering Agriculture Xcelerator Closing Workshop on October21-22 concluding four years of business acceleration support, panel sessions featuringInnovators, and a networking reception.

Sustainable Ag Track Panel Sessions featuring Powering Agriculture


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Apr. 2, 2019

Powering Agriculture Founding Partner GIZ, in coordination with FAO, announces the launch of a quarterly Solar Pumping & Irrigation newsletter, featuring news, research, and event updates from the field of solar pumping and irrigation.

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