Program Updates

Jul. 2, 2016

SunCulture, a 2015 Powering Agriculture Innovator, has been invited to participate in this year's Unreasonable Institute accelerator, Project Literacy Lab. They were chosen for this honor because the tools they create help farmers earn the revenue they need to send their children to school.

May. 20, 2016

The SimGas Biogas Milk Chiller has been selected to advance to the next round in the fifth OpenIDEO Amplify challenge to improve the livelihoods of small scale farmers by reducing food waste and spoilage. To advance further, SimGas needs your feedback on their idea!

Apr. 26, 2016

Futurepump’s week-long global Jamboree provided an exciting opportunity for the core design, manufacture, and sales teams to meet in person. The event was attended by representatives from nine different countries and marked a key point in the Futurepump story, in preparation for expansion.

Apr. 20, 2016

Stewart Craine of Village Infrastructure Angels spoke in a webinar hosted by The Low Carbon Energy for Development Network and Smart Villages. Experts shared their experiences with failure and why failure is actually an important element in successfully delivering energy access to remote communities.

Apr. 19, 2016

PAEGC toured the pilot bamboo flooring production facility that uses the innovative modified process designed by African Bamboo. The process allows for a higher quality bamboo flooring product. When full-scale production is reached farmers' incomes will increase by approximately 30 percent.

Apr. 19, 2016

PAEGC visited seven installations in Kenya that use SunDanzer’s solar-powered chest refrigerator as a reliable way to cool milk and reduce milk spoilage. This has already led to a 20 percent increase in production, resulting in additional income for farmers.

Apr. 19, 2016

PAEGC visited three central solar PV systems that were installed by the Earth Institute in Gabar, Senegal to power 21 irrigation pumps. The farmers are saving up to 6 hours labor a day, spending less money on fuel and improving quality and quantity of grown produce.

Apr. 19, 2016

PAEGC recently completed a site visit to Rebound Technologies’ first SunChill demonstration unit in Inhacoongo, Mozambique. SunChill is an off-grid solution for pre-cooling agricultural produce as it is harvested and could save over 35 percent of cooling costs compared to conventional cold storage.

Apr. 19, 2016

PAEGC accompanied Camco’s partner, Village Industrial Power (VIP), to observe the update of their biomass fueled co-generation units. The team visited three installations at palm oil processing facilities, interviewing palm oil farmers in Benin and meeting with stakeholders in Tanzania.