PAEGC at Ag Innovation Showcase

Published: Sep. 30, 2015

About Powering Agriculture

Powering Agriculture: An Energy Grand Challenge for Development supports the development and deployment of clean energy innovations that increase agriculture productivity and stimulate low carbon economic growth in the agriculture sector of developing countries to help end extreme poverty and extreme hunger.

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The 2015 Ag Innovation Showcase was held in St. Louis, Missouri, on September 14–16.

350 attendees from over 21 countries, including those who need funding and markets for their technologies and those with money to invest in technologies that have the potential to address and improve the world’s food system.

350 people from over 21 countries attended the Showcase

Freezing water during the day is the key to SunDanzer’s ability to not use batteries.

Freezing water during the day is the key to SunDanzer’s ability to not use batteries. Photo: Ryan Shelby / USAID

PAEGC was represented by SunDanzer’s Mr. Brian Jensen, and Earth Institute at Columbia University’s Dr. Vijay Modi. Mr. Jensen and Dr. Modi, along with USAID representatives Dr. Ryan Shelby and Dr. Ku McMahan, participated in a special content session focused on bringing agtech into new markets.

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