PAEGC Site Visits with University of Georgia Research Foundation in Uganda

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Powering Agriculture: An Energy Grand Challenge for Development supports the development and deployment of clean energy innovations that increase agriculture productivity and stimulate low carbon economic growth in the agriculture sector of developing countries to help end extreme poverty and extreme hunger.

In May, the team visited UGARF’s milk production facility, two smallholder farms where the deployed milk chillers are installed, a local business that is part of the supply chain, and a vocational carpentry school where the thermization units for the milk chilling process are made.

The smallholder farms where the units are installed are operated by women, both of whom reported benefits, including better opportunities for their children and grandchildren as a result of being able to afford to send them to better schools, and a sense of empowerment at having their own income and not having to rely on their husbands for money.

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Final Innovator Reflections: University of Georgia Research Foundation (UGARF)
Mar. 12, 2020

Follow the story of EvaKuula and the innovator behind the technology, Dr. William Kisaalita, a professor at the University of Georgia whose nonprofit entity, the University of Georgia Research Foundation, developed a biogas-powered milk chiller benefits smallholder dairy farmers by decreasing milk spoilage and increasing production and profits and biogas for lighting and cooking.

Nov. 21, 2018

UGARF is being honored for the EvaKuula, their biogas-powered evaporative milk cooler. AE50 awards have been encouraging and applauding engineering achievements since 1984. Entries are evaluated by a blue-ribbon, international panel of industry experts in technology, design, and product development.