Second Global Innovation Call Semifinalists Announced!

Published: Apr. 1, 2015

About Powering Agriculture

Powering Agriculture: An Energy Grand Challenge for Development supports the development and deployment of clean energy innovations that increase agriculture productivity and stimulate low carbon economic growth in the agriculture sector of developing countries to help end extreme poverty and extreme hunger.

Powering Agriculture: An Energy Grand Challenge for Development (PAEGC) Semifinalists Announced

The Powering Agriculture: An Energy Grand Challenge for Development received 871 applications for its second Global Innovation Call. The Founding Partners are pleased to announce that 106 out of the 871 applicants have been invited to submit Stage 2 Full Proposals!

The Founding Partners congratulate this dynamic and innovative group of organizations that are helping to accelerate the development and deployment of clean energy solutions that will enhance agricultural yields/productivity, decrease post-harvest loss, improve farmer and agribusiness income generating opportunities and revenues, and/or increase energy efficiency and associated savings within the operations of farms and agribusinesses all while stimulating low carbon economic growth within the agriculture sector of developing countries.

These semifinalists seek to implement groundbreaking technologies and business models within the energy/agriculture nexus for emerging markets and developing countries where many farmers and agribusinesses lack access to reliable, affordable and clean energy services.

Please stay tuned for the announcement of the Finalists in June.

Congratulations to the 2015 Powering Agriculture Semifinalists

Countries of Implementation for Proposed Projects

Semifinalists Countries of Implementation
ACCESS microPower Solar power for greenhouses + pumping/irrigation + cold storage + village electrification, bankable via revenue sharing, with year-round crop rotations to create resilient farmer livelihoods India
ADRA PERU Promotion of clean energy use in the native fruits productive chain: Physalis, in Cajamarca region Peru
Adventist Development and Relief Agency International Clean Energy Solution for Agriculture (CESA) Nepal
Affordable Village Solar, Inc. Incorporating a transformatively affordable and efficient piston pump into a game-changing photovoltaic irrigation system for smallholders in developing countries Ethiopia, India, Kenya
Agropecuaria Montelibano S.A. de C.V. A pilot to show the route for the future of clean energy in intensive agriculture: implementing and synchronizing renewable energy with good agricultural practices, government policies, financing policies, climate change mitigation and sustainable development Honduras
All Power Labs Enabling broad deployment of affordable, on demand, renewable energy via the financed distribution of biomass gasifiers operating on agricultural waste byproducts Haiti, Liberia, Uganda
Alterna National biodigester program of Guatemala (Pro-BioGT) Guatemala
Appalachian State University Improving food security through community-based biogas development for Haitian farmers Haiti
aQysta BV Resource efficient irrigation through hydro-powered pumps in the Andean region Ecuador
Ariya Capital Group Ltd Powering agriculture with renewable energy Kenya
Ariya Capital Group Ltd Powering agriculture with renewable energy Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda
Barefoot Power PTY Ltd Developing agri-solar products with farmers India, Kenya
BdA South Africa Kumasi bamboo renewable energy system Ghana
Bright Renewables (Private) Limited Business model innovations to finance solar water pump and drip irrigation technologies for small-scale farmers in Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
Carnegie Mellon University Environmentally sustainable self-powered commercial fish farm Rwanda
Centre for Petroleum, Energy Economics and Law Decentralized biogas-solar system for rural/agricultural communities in Nigeria Nigeria
Claro Energy A utility company providing irrigation water using solar pumps India
Claro Energy Launch low-cost on demand pay-as-you-go irrigation service using solar trolley systems to cut irrigation costs in half India
Clean Energy Group Vietnam Enerculture: Renewable Energy Hybrid Demonstration Platform (RES HD Platform) for Vietnam Vietnam
Cloud Forest Energy, Inc. Harvesting electricity from living plants: Ultra-low-cost solar power and storage Kenya
Consciencia Limpa Development of pilot-scale efficient solar drying system for anaerobic digestate from farms Brazil
Contained Energy Solar powered aeration for pond aquaculture in Indonesia Indonesia
CREEED Community biogas plants Kyrgyzstan
CREEED Mountain stream mobile micro hydro plants Kyrgyzstan
CTx GREEN Till we can! Improved farming techniques for grandmothers Kenya
CTx GREEN Powering healthy communities: Village-Level Biotechnologies (VLB) for food, fuel, fertilizer and income security India
Desertec University Network Saveguard olive grove Tunisia
Eco Fuels Kenya Ltd Harnessing Croton nut bioenergy and byproducts to power agriculture in East Africa Kenya
EnMass Energy Electricity generation from cotton stalk agricultural waste Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Pakistan, Tanzania
Evaptainers Evaptainers: A low-cost last-mile refrigeration solution Morocco
Futurepump (Kenya) Ltd Sunflower Pump – A working capital facility and after sales investments to support a growing solar irrigation business in Kenya Kenya
Good Earth Mechanics, LLC Salinity gradient solar pond technology to address rising salinity levels and power agricultural production in developing countries Dominican Republic, Egypt, Ghana, Haiti, India, Iraq, Kenya, Pakistan, Tanzania
Governing Council of the University of Toronto Field evaluation of passive aeration system for aquaculture Bangladesh
Green Empowerment Improved biodigesters for Bolivian dairy farmers Bolivia
Greengage Lighting Limited Solar powered smallholder poultry livestock production lighting systems for sustainable development Nigeria
Helix Power Corporation Use of flywheels in small grid applications to ensure reliable and resilient power and reduce fuel usage for agricultural applications China, Greece, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Turkey
Horn of Africa Regional Environment Center and Network Improving coffee production and quality using infrared technology Ethiopia
Humana People to People in South Africa The Farmers’ Clubs solar energy solution for agroprocessing program South Africa
Husk Power Systems Title: Hybrid solution – Biomass and solar PV: Clean energy intervention in the food betls of Nigeria and Ghana Ghana, Nigeria
iDE Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) solar pumping to promote smallholder productivity Zambia
iDE Renewable microgrids for off-grid fish hatcheries and surrounding communities in Bangladesh Bangladesh
iDE Revolutionary solar heat engine pump to expand agricultural production and increase income for smallholders Ghana
iDE Nepal Water DUCT (Delivery Using Clean Technology) Nepal
Initiative for Agricultural development of Kosovo - IADK Promotion of renewable energy in agricultural sector Kosovo
Institute of Chemical Technology CassavaTech: Ultra energy efficient cassava dryer Kenya
Istituto per la Cooperazione Universitaria Onlus (ICU) PV integrated irrigation systems in Jordan and Lebanon Jordan, Lebanon
KickStart International To increase access to affordable, high-performance solar powered irrigation technology amongst poor smallholder farmers in rural Kenya Kenya
Kismart Youth Group Efficient and sustainable biogas technology Kenya
Kumasi Institute of Tropical Agriculture Hybrid solar-biogasifier drying system: Adding value to fruits, vegetables, cereals, tubers and grains, reducing post harvest losses Ghana
Lahore University of Management Sciences Hydrokinetics-based energy harvesting to power smart infrastructures for irrigation delivery and on-farm water management Pakistan
LBB Building Systems Solar Powered A Frame (SPAF) stores for post harvest handling and storage Malaysia
Lutheran World Relief, Inc Ventilated solar convection dryers for smallholder coffee farmers in Peru Peru
Mercy Corps Improving rice milling and rural electrification through biomass gasification technology in Myanmar Myanmar
Michigan State University Human powered bicycle bean thresher Guatemala
Mississippi State University Solar powered Smart Irrigation System (SolarSIS) Morocco
Nanobiosym, Inc. Harnessing nanobiofuels for cost reduction in irrigation practices on rural farms in India: Democratizing access to clean energy India
New Energy Solar powered drip irrigation for small plot intensive farming in Northern Ghana Ghana
New Leaf Dynamic Technologies Private Limited Off-grid renewable energy based cold storages for “first mile” of food chain India
Pacific Business Ventures Algal co-culture for food and energy Philippines
PAMIGA Multi-actor business model for widening and sustaining access to clean energy technologies in agricultural value chains Senegal
Pfoofy Power and Light Ltd Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) solar irrigation kit Kenya
pManifold Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. RUSCO – Rural Utilities and Services Company, building last-mile efficiency in energy-water-agri supply chains India
Practical Action Small scale solar irrigation system for small and marginal farmers in drought and saline affected areas in Bangladesh Bangladesh
Q Energy Consultants B.V. Biogas for productive use in the dairy value chain Kenya, Uganda
RatioMed Inexpensive plug flow film biogas plant for production of fertilizer, electricity and heat from manure and litter with ultrasonic and enzymatic pretreatment Ukraine
Renewable World Powering low-carbon agricultural productivity and increasing income in the coffee value chain through the reuse of coffee pulp in biogas-driven electricity Kenya
Renewable World UK Commercializing and scaling up the hydraulic ram pump in the high hills of Nepal Nepal
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Smart, sustainable aquaponics system Ethiopia
Rochester Institute of Technology Biomass pyrolysis system for clean energy and biochar production on smallholder coffee farms Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Vietnam
Rural Futures International Innovative animal powered tools for conservation agriculture Mozambique, Uganda
Science for Society Solar conduction dryer India, Kenya
Seawater Greenhouse Ltd Restorative agriculture in the Horn of Africa Somalia
SELCO Foundation Design, implementation and dissemination of effective solar powered production methods in South Indian crop farming utilising technical, social and financial innovations India
SimGas Tanzania Ltd. Biogas milk chilling to increase productivity and double the income of East African dairy farmers Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania
Sir Joseph Swan Centre for Energy Research Multi-functional Concentrated Solar Adsorption Technology (CSAT) in Post-Harvest Food (PHF) supply chain Kenya
Smallholders Foundation Solar powered walk-in cold room for fruits and vegetable growers in Africa Nigeria
Smart Hydro Power GmbH SMART hybrid system (river turbine + solar panels + optional diesel generator as a back up). This system generates base load electricity and decreases cost per kWh by 50% or more. Colombia, Nigeria, Peru
Solafrique Limited Distributed electricity generation for agroprocessing industries Kenya
Solar Energy Enterprises Company Product development of solar food dryers Sudan
SolFlo SolFlo, bringing water to farms and families across the globe – sustainably and affordably through small-scale solar Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand
Sondelani Ranching SunKit: Solar powered modular irrigation for smallholders Zimbabwe
Strathmore Energy Research Centre Establishing energy service companies in the agroprocessing sector in Kenya and Uganda using biomass Kenya, Uganda
Sun.City Mobile solar system Egypt
SunCulture SunCulture: Scaling up distribution of smallholder tailored agro-solar irrigation kits across Africa Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia
SunEdison, Inc. Solar Farming: Grid-connected solar water pumps for sustainable irrigation in India and other developing countries Brazil, Egypt, India
SunFarmer Water on demand: Affordable solar water pumps for irrigation in Nepal Nepal
The University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc. Bioconversion of agro-industrial waste for renewable energy, water reuse and animal feeds in Northeastern Brazil Brazil
Trans-Africa Gas and Electric Corp, Plc Cold storage and produce movement from farm gate to consumer: The adoption of off-grid powered cold storage for smallholder farmers Kenya, Nigeria
Transcarbon International Corp. Pyrolysis of agro-industrial biowaste to renewable energy and development of value chains for the commercialization of syngas, bio-oil and char Vietnam
Tropical Power Limited Accelerated deployment of novel technology for the anaerobic digestion of farm residues for power in Africa Ghana
Universidad del Valle de Guatemala Private sector financed community solar power grids (ComGrids) and agricultural accelerators in off-grid communities in Guatemala Guatemala
University of Brasilia Sugarcane biorefinery: Improved energy and environmental performance in the biofuel production Brazil
University of California, Berkeley Minigrids for community empowerment and livestock management Kenya, Somalia
University of Engineering and Technology Lahore Using InnovateBiogas technology to produce sustainable BioCNG for powering agriculture in Pakistan Pakistan
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign An environment-enhancing energy approach to a Northeast China mixed farm China
University of Notre Dame Biogas energy innovation for vibrant agricultural economies South Africa
USINAZUL An integral approach to organic waste and swine culture residues biologic treatment in Bragança Paulista municipality: Production of renewable energy and soil nutrients recovery towards a low-carbon agriculture Brazil
Village Infrastructure Angels Solar agroprocessing power stations for 5000 households Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Vanuatu
Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives at Arizona State University Making the desert bloom: Innovative agribusiness model to provide small-scale farmers with access to clean energy irrigation technology in arid regions of India India
Webco Ltd Production of high grade fuel ethanol and co-products, derived from sugar based crops such as Tropical Sugar Beet (TSB) and early maturing cane varieties grown by local farmers within the raw material catchment zone of project development in Kenya Kenya
World Agroforestry Centre World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) integrating food production and power generation with nitrogen-fixing trees in smallholder cropping systems Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia
World Wildlife Fund Renewable milk chilling solutions for Pakistan’s dairy farmers Pakistan
Zengamina Power Ltd Expansion of an already successful community developed, rural, island grid powered by a mini-hydro electric plant so that it transforms local farming practice and facilitates value-added processing Zambia
ZeroBase Energy ZeroBase is the leading innovator in renewable and hybrid distributed power products. ZeroBase has taken a programmatic approach to rural electrification, and our products are designed to be scalable as demand increases, easily deployable, and require minimal training. ZeroBase’s microgrid is paired with an innovative horticulture lighting kit from our partner, LSG. Tanzania
ZeroBase Energy Irrigation for the Kwamsisi estate: A complimentary partnership approach to solar hybrid microgrids for energy and food security Tanzania
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