Sep. 7, 2016

The Earth Institute at Columbia University just celebrated the first anniversary of Acacia Irrigation, their shared irrigation system in Senegal. Three systems, each serving seven farms, are up and running; all three have seen high usage since installation. Farmers are already seeing the benefits. 

Jun. 7, 2016

The Sustainable Engineering Lab at Columbia University started with a question: Could a single system provide electricity or water to multiple farmers? To find out, they set up a system comprised of three solar photovoltaic arrays to power irrigation pumps in Gabar, Senegal.

Apr. 23, 2016

Harnessing the sun’s power is once again at the forefront of energy technology as an increasingly affordable method of generating electricity. In developing regions of the world, solar is not only a clean energy solution but sometimes the sole source of power for smallholders.

Apr. 19, 2016

PAEGC visited three central solar PV systems that were installed by the Earth Institute in Gabar, Senegal to power 21 irrigation pumps. The farmers are saving up to 6 hours labor a day, spending less money on fuel and improving quality and quantity of grown produce.

Sep. 30, 2015

The 2015 Ag Innovation Showcase was held in St. Louis, Missouri, on Sep. 14–16. The PAEGC Innovators were represented by Mr. Brian Jensen of SunDanzer and Dr. Vijay Modi of the Earth Institute at Columbia University who each gave presentations on their innovations.

Earth Institute Solar Tracker Installation in Senegal
Jul. 24, 2015

Time Lapse video shot with GoPro of a recent 4.8kW single axis Solar Tracker installation in Potou, Senegal by The Earth Institute’s Sustainable Engineering Lab, Columbia University for the Smart Solar Irrigation Project.

Senegal Micro-Utility Irrigation Project
Jul. 24, 2015

Video montage of installation and operation of a pilot solar PV irrigation system in Senegal. This project is unique in Senegal for its pre-payment system, sharing of resources and lack of battery storage.

Jan. 28, 2015

The Earth Institute at Columbia University has now shipped the first solar pump controller to its project site in Senegal.

Jan. 20, 2015

In rural areas of Senegal, getting water for irrigating crops often comes with a hefty price tag, not only in terms of the cost to buy the fuel and the time necessary to procure it from the nearest gas station, but also in regards to the polluting emissions of the pumps themselves.