Oct. 7, 2016

While EarthSpark International’s work in Les Anglais was significantly disrupted by Hurricane Matthew, they will be ready to once again power the community when rebuilding efforts are completed.

Aug. 18, 2016

EarthSpark International has built a 93 kW, solar-powered microgrid in the small town of Les Anglais, Haiti, which supplies clean, reliable power to approximately 2,000 people. They plan to build 80 more microgrids in the next five years, bringing affordable, clean power to over 200,000 people.

Jul. 25, 2016

PAEGC visited Les Anglais in southern Haiti over April 16–20, 2016, to evaluate the EarthSpark solar mini-grid and agro-processing activities. PAEGC interviewed mini-grid users and users of agro processing prototypes such as electric corn mill, corn dekerneler and breadfruit deep fryer.

Jun. 21, 2016

Since EarthSpark connected Haiti's first solar-powered microgrid, several women have started their own businesses, including an ice cream business that sells 100 ice creams a day to school kids! This was accomplished through feminist electrification, which considers gender concerns at every step. 

Solar Frontiers
Dec. 1, 2015

The Economist—Meet the men and women bringing solar power to the people—and fighting to transform our global energy supply—including Powering Agriculture Innovator, EarthSpark International.