USAID Fronts New Solar Technology Pumps for Farmers: Next Frontier

From the KTN News video: Changing weather has forced farmers and other stakeholders in the sector to innovate more if they are to continue to feed the ballooning world population. Farmers in Taita Taveta County, with the help of USAID, are some of the farmers who have embraced new technology in terms of solar water pumps to irrigate their farms. This technology is cost-effective as compared to irrigation generators that consume much fuel and reduce the farmers' margins.

We had a number of pumps from the very beginning that we started working with, but for this specific pump, the SF1 by Futurepump, has actually proved over time that is a pump that is reliable. In terms of delivery, it has got minimum breakdowns, and even in the event when there are breakdowns, because it uses a piston system, this is a pump that can fixed with anybody who knows how to repair a bicycle.

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