Women Excel As Farm Business Advisors

For the women of La Paz, Honduras, their entire lives changed in 2012. After relying on coffee for their income for over 35 years, their entire livelihood was wiped out by the coffee rust epidemic (La Roya). Looking for solutions, they turned to iDE to teach them how to install and use low pressure drip irrigation systems that allow for irrigated farming water year round.

Now they own their own businesses and have become empowered to take control of their lives. With the help of iDE they can market their knowledge and skills to other farmers in their community; proving advice on farm inputs such as fertilizer, seeds, and pesticides, supplementing their income and providing a much needed and valuable resource.

These low-pressure drip irrigation kits save time over bucket watering and use water more efficiently, allowing for them to productively use water year round. Now the women of La Paz and their families, have enough food during the dry months and can even sell excess vegetable to their neighbors, allowing them to invest more into their rainy season crops and even further enhancing their livelihoods.

From disaster to entrepreneurs, these women have transformed their lives and become leaders in their community.

About Powering Agriculture

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